The Upstairs Hammer

The Upstairs Hammer

by Hildred Crill

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“Hildred Crill’s poems exist on the border between the inner and outer landscape.  They believe in invisibility, in the poet’s right to invent her world. When she asks ‘What enters the lack?’ we feel the fullness of words entering space, the poem on the brink of creation. Crill is a poet of surprise and sometimes fright, a poet for whom language is a kind of magic: ‘I lick the sparks on my palm/ and the entire world is spoken.’   What a joy to read these haunted, original poems.”

-Anne Marie Macari

Hildred Crill’s English translations are included in a trilingual edition of Per Wästberg’s work, Ortsbestämning /Determination of Place (Ars Interpres 2008). Her poems have appeared most recently in Greensboro Review, Poetry Ireland Review and Kenyon Review Online. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Cover art by Christopher Martino