2016 Argos Poetry Calendar

2016 Argos Poetry Calendar

Hand-Bound Calendar

12 Months


Nothing feels steady and indisputable in the way that the months of a year do. The rhythm of a year passing may feel like twelve wheels turning in succession, or water flowing over twelve rocks in a stream. It may appear like twelve messengers bearing letters of similar length–but not content–or twelve clouds passing across the sky, each a distinct shape.

One unit of time, one month or week or moment, may feel endless – it may elongate itself out and out until its flow reverses and returns to where it began. It may also slip by all but unnoticed, as if it had never existed.

Like the feeling of time passing, we know that the structures that mark its passing are not fixed; they have evolved wildly since the beginning of human consciousness, and have been radically different across continents and cultures. These poems may serve as reminders of this: that the structures shaping the cadences and rhythms of our lives – like language – are not fixed either, and that language itself can be a window – or twelve windows – into real freedom.

Our fourth annual hand-bound, limited-edition calendar features poems by Nadia Alexis, Cheryl Clarke, Brenda Coultas, Joey De Jesus, Jay Deshpande, Brenda Iijima, Cynthia Manick, Joseph Massey, Shane McCrae, Trace Peterson, Nina Puro, & Solmaz Sharif.

With cover and interior artwork by Simone Kearney.

[Menhirs xxvii by Simone Kearney]