Be A Dead Girl reviewed at Entropy

From Alexis Pope’s review of Be A Dead Girl at Entropy:

OK: I’ve made up my mind. I want Krystal to by my life planner. Hire her to speak through me when they put me in uncomfortable (& wrong) situations. I channel her on the phone call, stand up for myself. I channel a she the way she should be. It’s not a performance.

Languell delivers her bitch slaps with a laugh. Owns it. “Adults have relationships / nice work”

Languell’s intelligence & thought stand up straight in her fuck-off boots, but she’s not kicking. She’s shrugging because she doesn’t care if you get it. If you don’t get it, she’s not talking to you. “Holes are / abstract pleasures     if you didn’t know / they give direction     to feeling”

Direct me out the door. Direct me to the source of my life.

I’m writing this to say you should probably read this chapbook. Like, now. I’m writing this to say “A lot of shit will never happen” like me being able to talk like an intellectual about poetry. All I know is how to feel it. Languell speaks for me. I really don’t have to say much at all.