The Best of 2015 at Public Books

Morgan Parker at Public Books:

Montana Ray’s (guns & butter) and Liz Clark Wessel’s Two Suns

I haven’t dug a good concrete poem since, probably, reading Apollinaire. Montana’s, sometimes in the shape of a gun, sometimes in the shape of a vagina (a poem in itself), are as original and unforgiving as they are funny and relatably devastating. She takes on heavy topics like single motherhood, violence, race and family, examining and challenging tradition in content, cadence and form.

(guns & butter), arriving in April, will be the first full-length book from Argos Books, whose catalog of chapbooks and calendars is full of letterpressed, hand-bound knockouts. In addition to being a press committed to quality aesthetics, Argos is edited by dedicated writers with innovative and striking work themselves: co-founder Liz Clark Wessel’s debut Two Suns, also forthcoming this year from The Lit Pub, is gorgeous: thoughtful, earnest, and smart.