Iris Cushing & Elizabeth Clark Wessel at the Poetry Society

From the Poetry Society website:

Could you talk a little bit about your own process of making and publishing chapbooks?

First we design the chapbooks on the computer. (Thank you desktop publishing revolution!) We make sure that all of the materials we use are of good quality, acid free, nice to touch, and not terrible for the environment when possible.  We do a lot of the printing ourselves (guts on our laser printer, some of the covers on our inkjet printer).

Iris: We also letterpress some of our covers at The Arm in Williamsburg. We have a small studio in Brooklyn, with a large kitchen table in the center, which is where we assemble the books. Chapbook sewing is always a jolly good time. We fold, awl and sew the bindings, then trim the face of the book on a paper guillotine. I often thread needles, which I happen to be good at. Our wonderful intern, Grayson Wolf, often helps out, as well as Mårten Wessel (Liz’s husband) and the chapbook’s author.