2015 Argos Poetry Calendar

2015 Argos Poetry Calendar




Time is both circular and linear. The last day of the year returns us to the first day of the next. The length of the days is repeated as the earth tilts back and forth, and our ecology responds. The rains return around the same time, the heat, the snow. And yet the days move forward, from one destination to the next. Calendars are our ancient way of making sense of this. Poems are our ancient way of making sense of something else. Poetry too is both circular and linear. Each word inevitably pushes forward into the next, and yet the last line of a poem returns us to the first. The poem creates its own time, and an ecology results when a mind encounters the poem. And so we hope this calendar offers the reader a unique way of experiencing the year by evoking poetry’s special relationship to time.

Our third annual hand-bound, limited-edition calendar features poems by Evie Shockley, Dana Levin, Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch, Khadijah Queen, Abraham Adams, Wayne Koestenbaum, Jennifer Tamayo, Johannes Göransson, Doug Nufer, Ana Gorría (trans. Yvette Siegert), E Tracy Grinnell, Marina Eckler, and more. With cover and artwork by ruby onyinyechi amanze.

Limited to an edition of 250.

[Painting by ruby onyinyechi amanze]