Results of our open reading period

Dear Friends of Argos,

During our open reading period last year we received over 200 chapbooks & we have been slowly reading, enjoying, pondering, and responding to these manuscripts ever since. The work we received made us excited to be publishers; there are such talented folks writing at this moment, and the fact that so many of them trusted us was a true honor. After much thought and discussion, we are proud to announce the following chapbooks will be joining the Argos catalog in 2014 & 2015:

the fierce bums of doo-wop by Amber Atiya
Symphony No. 2 by Emily Carlson
Turn it Over by Jaime Shearn Coan
Like a Country Road Going Back in Your Direction by Stephanie Gray
Poems by Ma Lan (translated by Charles A. Laughlin)
Go Ahead, Be a Dead Girl by Krystal Languell
& lunar flare by Levi M. Rubeck

Argos Books
(Elizabeth Clark Wessel, Iris Cushing, E.C. Belli, & Aiden Arata)